Local Organizing Сommittee

Ildar Ibragimov (PDMI)

Yana Belopolskaya (SPbUACE)

Andrei Borodin (PDMI)

Yury Davydov (SPbSU)

Mikhail Lifshits (SPbSU)

Yakov Nikitin (SPbSU)

Maria Platonova (PDMI and SPbSU)

Natalia Smorodina (PDMI and SPbSU)

Yuri Yakubovich (SPbSU)

Andrei Zaitsev (PDMI)

Dmitry Zaporozhets (PDMI)


Most events will take place at the Euler International Mathematical institute.  It is located in a quiet place on the embankement of Malaya Nevka river. Please consult the map on institute's site.

Institutions participating in the organization of the event


Chebyshev Laboratory at St.Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

The Euler International Mathematical Institute

The program is supported by Grant for Creation and Development of World-Class Research Centers (within the framework of the Science national project).

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